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Shivai represents a unique blend of traditional knowledge and modern science. Our vision is to feature among top organizations of the world in this segment and increase our participation in the field of herbal and medicinal extraction.
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Abies webbiana leaf ExtractsAbroma augusta root ExtractsAbrus precatorius seed Extracts
Acacia arabica bark ExtractsAcacia concinna pod ExtractsAchillea millefolium seed Extracts
Achyranthes aspera plant ExtractsAconitum heterpohyllum plant ExtractsAcorus calamus rhizome Extracts
Adhatoda vasica leaf ExtractsAegle marmelos leaf ExtractsAegle marmelos unripe fruit Extracts
Bosewellia serrata gum ExtractsAlbizzia lebbeck bark ExtractsAllium cepa bulb Extracts
Allium sativum bulb ExtractsAloe vera leaf ExtractsAlpinia galanga rhizome Extracts
Alstonia scholaris bark ExtractsAnachyclus pyrethrum flower ExtractsAndrographis paniculata plant Extracts
Anethum sowa seed ExtractsAphanamixis rohituka bark ExtractsApium graveolens seed Extracts
Argyreia speciosa root ExtractsAsparagus adscendens root ExtractsAspparagus racemosus root Extracts
Asphaltum ExtractsAsteracantha longifolia herb ExtractsAzadirachta India leaf Extracts
Azadirachta indica bark ExtractsAzadirachta indica seed ExtractsBacopa monnieri herb Extracts
Bauhinia variegata bark ExtractsBerberis aristata root ExtractsBergenia ligulata root Extracts
Boerhaavia diffusa root ExtractsButea frondosa flower ExtractsCaesalpini bonducella nut Extracts
Calotropis gigantea root ExtractsCamelia sinensis leaf ExtractsCapparis spinosa root Extracts
Capsicum spp. fruit ExtractsCarica papaya foot ExtractsCassia augustifolia Left Extracts
Cassia augustifolia pod ExtractsCassia fistula fruit ExtractsCassia occidental is fruit Extracts
Casearia esculentu ExtractsCassia tora seed ExtractsCedrus deodara wood Extracts
Celastrus paniculatus seed ExtractsCentella asiatica herb ExtractsCentrotherum anthelminticum Extracts
Cinnamomum cassia bark ExtractsCinnamomum cassia leaf ExtractsClerodendrum serratam root Extracts
Cicer arientinum seed ExtractsCichorium intybus seed ExtractsCinchona ledgeriana bark Extracts
Cissus quandrangularis stem ExtractsCitrullus colocynthis fruit ExtractsCitrullus colocynthis root Extracts
Citrus aurantium peel ExtractsCitrus medical peel ExtractsColchicum luteum corns Extracts
Coleus forskohlii root ExtractsCommiphora mukul gum ExtractsCommiphora myrrha gum Extracts
Coriandrum sativam seed ExtractsCrataeva nurvala bark ExtractsCucumis sativus seed Extracts
Cuminum cyminum fruit ExtractsCurcuma amada rhizome ExtractsCurcuma longe rhizome Extracts
Curculigo orchioides root ExtractsCynodon dactylon herb ExtractsCyperus scariosus root Extracts
Deglycyrohizated liquorice (DGL) ExtractsDashmool ExtractsDaucus carota seed Extracts
Dolichos biflorus seed ExtractsEclipta alba plant ExtractsEmbelica ribes seed Extracts
Embelica officinalis fruit ExtractsEnicostemma littorale herb ExtractsEugenia jambulana seed Extracts
Euphorbia hirta herb ExtractsEvolvulus alsinoides plant ExtractsFerula foetiba resin Extracts
Ficus racemosa leaf ExtractsFicus racemosa bark ExtractsFoeniculun vulgare fruit Extracts
Fumaria officinalis herb ExtractsFagonia cretica ExtractsGarcinia cambogia rind Extracts
Glycyrrhiza glabra root ExtractsGossypium herbaceum root ExtractsGymnema sylvestre leaf Extracts
Hemidesmus indicus root ExtractsHolarrhena antidysenterica seed ExtractsHolarrhena antidysenterica bark Extracts
Hyoscyamus niger herb ExtractsInula racemosa root ExtractsLawsonia alba leaf Extracts
leptadenia reticulate herb ExtractsHibiscus abelmoschus seed ExtractsHibiscus rosa sinensis flower Extracts
Lobelia nicotiaefolia leaf ExtractsMangifera indica bark ExtractsMatricaria chamomilla flower Extracts
Mentha spicata herb ExtractsMesua ferrea flower bud ExtractsMimusops elengi bark Extracts
Misosa pudica seed ExtractsMomordica charantia fruit ExtractsMorinda citrifolia fruit Extracts
Moringa oleifera bark ExtractsMoringa oleifera leaf ExtractsMucuna pruriens seed Extracts
Myrica nagi bark ExtractsMyristica fragrans fruit ExtractsMyristica fragrans peel Extracts
Myrtus caryophyllus fruit ExtractsNardostachys jatamansi root ExtractsNelumbo nucifera seed Extracts
Nigella sativa seed ExtractsNyctanthes arbortristis leaf ExtractsOcimum basilicum leaf Extracts
Ocimum sanctum herb/leaf ExtractsOldenlandia corymbosa plant ExtractsOnosma echiodes root Extracts
Onosma bracteatum plant ExtractsOperculina turpethum root ExtractsOpuntia dilleni herb Extracts
Orchis mascula tuber ExtractsPhyllanthus niruri herb ExtractsPicrorhiza kurroa root Extracts
Piper cubeba fruit ExtractsPiper longum fruit ExtractsPiper nigrum fruit Extracts
Pistacia integerrima gall ExtractsPlumbago indica root ExtractsPolygala chinensis root Extracts
Pongamia glabra seed ExtractsPrunus serotina bark ExtractsPsoralea corylifolia seed Extracts
Pterocarpus marsupium wood ExtractsPterocarpus santalinus bark ExtractsPueraria tuberosa root Extracts
Punica granatum rind ExtractsPunica granatum seed ExtractsPutranjiva roxburghii berry Extracts
Pyrus malus fruit ExtractsQuercus infectoriia gall ExtractsRauwolfia serpentina root Extracts
Rheum emodi root ExtractsRicinus communis leaf ExtractsRicinus communis root Extracts
Rubia cordifolia root ExtractsSalacia reticulata root ExtractsSantalum album wood Extracts
Sapindus trifoliatus fruit cortex ExtractsSaraca indica bark ExtractsSaussurea lappa root Extracts
Semecarpus anacardium kernel ExtractsSolanium nigrum berry ExtractsSolanum xanthocarpum plant Extracts
Spinacia oleracea leaf ExtractsStychnos nux vomica seed ExtractsSwertia chirata plant Extracts
Symplocos racemosa bark ExtractsTamarix gallica galls Extracts sTaraxacum officinale herb Extracts
Tecomella undulata bark ExtractTephrosia purpurea plant ExtractsTerminalia arjuna bark Extracts
Terminalia belerica fruit ExtractsTerminalia chebula root ExtractsTinospora cardifolia root Extracts
Trachyspermum ammi fruit ExtractsTribulus terrestris fruit ExtractsTrichosanthes dioica leaf Extracts
Trigonella foanumgraecum seed ExtractsTrikatu ExtractsTriphala Extracts
Triticum sativum germ ExtractsTylophora indica leaf ExtractsUrginea indica bulb Extracts
Valeriana wallichi root ExtractsViburmum spp. Bark ExtractsViola odorata flower/leaf. Extracts
Vitex negundo leaf ExtractsVitis vinifera fruit/seed ExtractsVetivera zizanioides Extracts
Wedelia calendulacea herb ExtractsWithania somnifera root ExtractsWoodfordia floribunda flower Extracts
Zingiber officinale rhizome Extracts