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10 benefits of Ajwain

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10 benefits of Ajwain

It is one of the important herbs for Indian kitchen to make the Indian cuisine tasty. All the parts of this herb have very strong smell; hence it is called Ugragandha in Sanskrit. Ajwain has many health and medicinal values. It is well known seed for Instant Remedy for Stomachache. The seed, oil, flowers and extract are used as medicine for various diseases. It is also one of the potent medicines to kill worms. It is extremely beneficial for Earache, tooth ache, Influenza, Heart problems, Arthritis, Nasal blockage. The person feeling excessive sexual desire, may take it cool down himself.

1. Instant Remedy for Stomachache

It has alcoholic qualities in a very mild form; therefore, it may be used as instant stomach pain. Ajwain +small quantity of salt, when sip with warm water is quite beneficial for indigestion and stomach pain. The person suffering from indigestion and anorexia, 1 tsp of Ajwain seed may be taken along with food.

2. Ajwain for cold

For chronic and recurrent cold, it is recommended to take fried seeds of ajwain in the dose of 2 grams for 15-20 days. Inhaling of its grind seed is also beneficial in case of headache, migraine and cold &cough. Chewing Ajwain seeds with lukewarm water is also a good cure for Cough.

3. Ajwain for Asthma

Inhalation of the smoke of Ajwain acts as bronchodialator and makes the breathing pattern easier. The person suffering from Asthma may take the paste of Ajwain + Jaggery, 1 tsp, twice a day. This mixture is helpful in asthma treatment.

4. Ajwain for Diabetes Mellitus

1 tsp of Ajwain seeds + 4 tsp of Bael leave juice if taken 2 to 3 times a day, are effective in polyuria commonly seen in case of Diabetes.

5. How to get rid of Alcohol Addiction

To get rid of Alcohol addiction, decoction of ajwain may be taken in the dose of 30 ml at night for 50 days. Persons, who use alcohol excessively, may experience acute stomach pain. For such patients 1 tsp of ajwain seeds may be consumed along with warm water twice a day.

6. Ajwain in Cholera

It has the ability to minimize the impact of threadworms and intestinal bacterial infection. Hence, it is good to give cholera patients.

7. Ajwain to dissolve Kidney Stone

When the mix of Ajwain seeds +honey + vinegar is used for 10 days, it helps to dissolve kidney stone that ultimately remove with urine.

8. Ajwain for Weight Loss

Ajwain has appetite stimulating properties and on account of laxative components, it fastens the bowel movement and thus helps in weight loss. Regular taking of ajwain also helps to regulate obesity.

9. Ajwain reduces Gas and Flatulence

Ajwain is one of the best herbal wonder drug for gas, flatulence and indigestion. Distilled water of it is good for the above said problems and also enhances appetite.

10. Ajwain for Acidity and Hyperacidity

Ajwain seeds have anti-hyperacidity properties. A patient of acidity or hyperacidity may consume ajwain along with lukewarm water + salt either in the morning or after meal. When taken for 10-15 days, it shows good result.Read Acidity Control and Prevention through Herbal means.

Ajwain for Culinary Recipes

Ajwain is known for multiple purposes including Curd recipes. It is used as one of the important ingredients for culinary and spice reasons all over the world. It is used to increase the flavour and savoury of cooking recipes. Ajwain is added in cuisine like bread, bean, lentil, snacks, biscuits, soups, sauce, etc. Ajwain is mixed with culinary at the final stage so that its fragrance remain intact. Its flavor and pungent come from thymol, an essential oil. It gives great aromatic base to the recipes when the roasted are used in culinary.

Ajwain for Spice

Due to its flavour and fragrance as well as medicinal properties, ajwain is used widely as spice. Ajwain is added at the last process of cooking. The pod of ajwain has dominating flavor, so even a small quantity of it is sufficient to give pungent smell to the recipes. This powerful fragrance comes to ajwain due to the presence of Thymol. It is good for digestion and often mixed with baby milk. Used as dishes Tadka due to its strong flavor. Due to its multiple benefits; it is the part and parcel of every Indian kitchen.

Ajwain Tea

Ajwain tea is known for pungent smell. Ajwain Chai is beneficial for cold treatment. Ajwain is useful for all the seasons, however, it show good result during rainy and winter seasons. Ajwain seeds are rich in minerals both macro nutrients and micro nutrients. It is used in case of digestion problems, gaseous problems, antiseptic, antipyretic and expectorant. How to make Ajwain Chai is the important question? For this take One and half cup of water, mix a teaspoon of black or green tea. Boil it, add some ajwain. Elaichi/Ginger may also be added to enhance the taste. Milk may also be added along with honey or sugar. The addition of ginger or Elaichi increases its medicinal benefits.

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